LED Lighting

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The technology

LED is a new kind of lighting technology which has the benefits of being highly efficient and highly directional. It is part of a family of products known as solid state lighting as there is no filament or starter like those found in other lighting technologies such as incandescent and fluorescent. This property makes LED lighting extremely resilient and long lasting

"A properly designed LED light source can stay illuminated for well over 100,000 hours"

Many analysts have touted 2012 as the year of the LED as for the first time LED products generating 100 Lumen per watt became available. To put that in context, an incandescent light bulb generates about 10 Lumen per watt while a CFL can generate 55 Lm/W. High Performance LEDs are now officially the most efficient light source known to man..

Changing our habits

Lighting has now become a complicated process. In the era of cheap oil consumers didn't care about how many watts of electricity they were burning but those days are long gone. In order to be efficient we need to use lighting effectively, only illuminating areas that need to be illuminated and using much more task lighting rather than general lighting.

Good LED lighting is not cheap. These are not commodities that can be thrown away like old light bulbs. Buying LED lighting is more akin to buying a "white good" like a fridge or TV. You should expect it to last many years and budget accordingly.

The Science

There are many many source of information on the internet that deal with this in greater detail but in a nutshell an LED (Light Emitting Diode) consists of a
chip of semiconducting material treated to create a structure called a p-n (positive-
negative) junction.

More technical information is available here

An LED luminaire is composed of:

  • the emitters, typically an array of individual LEDs
  • The power source - called an LED Driver
  • Optics - to focus the light
  • A Heatsink - to dissipate the heat generated as a by-product of generating light.

The most common cause of failure is the driver. However in a well designed luminaire it should be possible to change the driver without having to buy an entirely new luminaire.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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